Zariquiequi, Spain

Surrounding landscapes, street scenes and a lunchtime break at the local store/albergue.

Tidbits of info: 1) Before arriving in town, and fairly intriquing was a lone dead tree indicating the location of a small, lone, fenced-in graveyard.  2) Zariquiequi (Basque translation – “place, or hill, of willows”) was decimated in the 14th century by an outbreak of the bubonic plague.  3) The 12th century Romanesque church, Iglesia de San Andres, appeared in the movie “The Way” (w/ Martin Sheen) in one of the earlier scenes.  4) The legend of Fuente Reniega (fountain of denial) tells of a tired pilgrim offered water by the Devil in exchange for renouncing his faith.  The pilgrim refused and Santiago appeared to reveal a spring, quenching his thirst with a scallop shell.


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