Weather Permitting

What everyone hopes for… however, the wide 360-degree panoramic view of of sunny blue skies and the snow-capped Pyrenees range eluded us this day. Then again, very little rain fell, we weren’t sweating bullets, and the scenery thus far was beautiful regardless of the fog and mist. In fact, this drastically shortened 360 view – looking ahead, left, up and over, right, around the next corner, and still upward – while sometimes disconcerting or unsettling, actually lent to the excitement of the unknown. True to the trail guidebooks, it was all well-marked. Piece of cake; we were thrilled!

The Thibault Cross marks the end of the paved road and beginning of the dirt trail; we would still have over 6km to reach the summit, Col de Lepoeder (1,430 meters).  

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