Trekking Through Muruzábal and Obanos, Spain

A warm and gorgeous afternoon as we made our way through the small, but ever-colorful Spanish villages of Muruzábal, then Obanos. Both appeared to be more modern residential, but every now and then, we passed centuries-old historical sights such as the Church of San Esteban in Muruzábal and the Church of San Juan Bautista in Obanos. (The Obanos City Council building is the one with 4 flags out front, and as seen though the portal gate.)

In between the 2 towns, we happened on a little lemonade stand run by a local college student who was studying in between selling wonderfully refreshing cups of lemonade to us weary pilgrims.  Muy bueno y mucho frio!!   Also along the way as we hit the dirt trail once again, we passed some lovely little purple clusters of wildflowers as well as an olive grove, and then a vineyard. So many sights and scenes in Spain’s ever-changing landscape!


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