Torres del Rio, Spain

Torres del Rio, sits along the Linares River and is just a short walk from Sansol.  Not a typical hilltop village, one wonders why anyone would build a village lower in the valley during 10th/11th centuries in order to defend its location.

The 12th century Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a small Christian temple, well known for its octagonal shape being one of its most unique architectural features. the town was conquered from the Muslim occupation in 914 AD and belonged to the Monastery of Irache for several centuries before the citizens bought the monastery in the 14th century. (it was declared the Historical Artistic Monument Temple in 1931).

… Such pretty village scenes, a empty bus stop, the octagonal church, a little store with one table, and Nance and Laur schmoozing for the camera.

bus stop

down in the valley

Buen Camino, mi amiga!

scallop shell icon flags

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