Today’s Special – A Bunch of Luck

On this day, within a timespan of 15 minutes, I found twenty-three 4-leaf clovers, plus a rare bonus – a 5-leaf clover – all in the same patch of grass.  Once I had gathered 15, I decided I couldn’t leave until I found 3 more (we are a family of 18).  The day wasn’t over yet –  I found even more!!!

Somebody up there really likes me and I think it’s you, Dad.  This bouquet is for you.  AND… take note, I’m one day ahead of your birthday this time!!  Plus, I recall on this day 50 years ago, you enlisted in the Marines, served in Korea… You made it home safely, and the rest, as they say, is history!  Much love…..

Peter R. Diestel – 10/27/29 – 09/18/2015
4-leafclovers-9583_900 4-leafclovers-9575_900 4-leafclovers-9582_900  

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