Through the Hamlets of O Coto and Leboreiro, Spain

Keep on trekking… comments have been provided with each image…


Iglesia de Santa Maria de Leboreiro; a Gothic church that also features characteristics of the Romanesque style.

Shooting at eye level with the top of the farmhouse roof; I love these colors!

Residents us this “watering hole” to wash laundry!

Rural, rustic, dilapidating farmhouse and barn. Boulders hold the barn door closed.

Another view of the Iglesia de Santa Maria de Leboreiro.

Weird to see an industrial complex in the same vicinity of the ages-old Camino de Santiago trail.

An ok-to-drink water fountain.

colorful residential garden.

A horse along the way…

The best seats in the house!

A narrow street scene, laundry out to dry, and take a left now!


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