This Dog’s Tale

Late last October, Dr. Christine Hunt, DVM, contacted me re: fostering a special dog. Trapper is a black lab mix whose right forepaw got crushed in coyote trap a year ago January. According to records, some hunter’s released him from the trap, wanted nothing to do with him, brought him to a nearby store, and a lady who was in the store at the time took him to the SPCA of the Triad.

Initially, two toes were amputated, so the SPCA staff and volunteers cared for him over the next 9 months, soaking and re-wrapping his paw several times a day, along with his daily meals and walks. No easy task! While recuperating from that, Trapper was also neutered and then had to go through heart worm treatments.

A coyote trap severely damaged Trapper’s paw. The SPCA staff agreed on Trapper’s name. We saw no need to change it. (Photographs: SPCA staff)

Daily bandage changes for his paw. For the 2014 Superbowl, Trapper became a Bronco fan. (Photographs: SPCA staff)

Unfortunately, the other bones in the forepaw became infected, so, in September, he was brought to Dr. Hunt’s office where she amputated the entire forepaw. Throughout the year, Trap became befriended everyone at the SPCA and the University Animal Hospital. Given the fact he needed daily dressing changes, other required treatments and/or trips to the vet, daily outdoor walks, etc., that still amounts to months of being contained, constrained, and crated.

Fox8 News got a hold of Trapper’s story and published two reports in Sept & Oct. Prosthetist Steve Grove, of the Hanger Clinic, also jumped on the bandwagon and teamed up with Dr. Hunt to make a temporary prosthesis for Trapper. The final, permanent prosthesis is being worked on now.

Fox8 story 9/24/14

Fox8 followup story with video 10/08/14

Enter the foster parents. Trap’s forepaw got amputated one month before I visited him. Two days later, my husband met him and we discussed fostering him. The discussion didn’t take long; one week later, we brought him home. Three weeks ago and without looking back, we signed the adoption papers.


Trapper, Dr. Hunt and I visit SPCA’s pet adoption fair at All Pets Considered.

If ever there was a right time to do the right thing, it was that week! Fate? Probably. Those who know us well would agree. He needed us and it was time for us to be with a dog again. To date, Trap is accustomed to the temporary prosthesis and LOVES his daily walks where he can be a normal 4-legged mutt. He’s also quite adept at and has just as much fun on all 3‘s. While he’s wonderful and warms up to people immediately, he’s learning to socialize with other dogs (fear aggression). We’re addressing that, but again, no easy task – he’s a bull in a China shop, but he’s our bull!

Trapper-8836_900 Trapper-8669_900 Trapper-8809_900 Trapper-8789_900 Trapper-8687_900 Trapper-8650_900 TrapperXmasDay

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