The Town of Portomarín, Spain

Portomarín holds the distinction of being the newest oldest town along the Camino. What is seen today is a transplanted version of the original town that originally settled in the valley below.  Most of the town is new construction, but the church and a few smaller buildings were relocated stone by stone!

The Rio Miño was dammed in 1956 forming the Belesar Reservoir beneath the bridge, putting the old town under water.  Because the water level can vary by season, when it’s at its lowest, supposedly it’s possible to walk among the piles of stone that were once the original town!

The stay at the Hotel Pousada del Portomarín in our lovely 2nd floor room and balcony with stunning views even as the storm front approached, the wine a necessity after the day’s trek, a lovely dining room – all so perfect – salud, mi amiga, Nancy!  

Crossing the Rio Miño.

The Romanesque architecture of Las Nieves staircase.

Belesar Reservoir (Embalse de Belesar).

This Graffiti has been made in Portomarin, commissioned by the director of C.E.I.P Virxe da Luz (a local school). This work is located on the road to Santiago as it passes through Portomarin and is a symbol of pilgrimage that walkers from all over the world travel to reach the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Iglesia de San Juan, upper right. The largest single nave Romanesque church in Galicia.

While our luggage always arrived on location, on time, I never thought I could welcome my luggage as much as I did on this day! Need my flip-flops now!

Lucky! Arrived intact and dry at the Pousada del Portomarin Hotel just before the storm rolled in. Life is good!

Back aches, blew out the blisters on my right foot, but will tend to them later. Right now, wine! Ahhhhh!

Tried everything for treating my foot over the last couple of days, but now it’s an emergency situation. Had to take this photo and send to my sister and my Dr-in-residence nephew back home to cry for help.

A view from the terrace.

No dinner outside tonight, nevertheless a nice, calm, relaxing dinner w/ pal, Nancy.

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