The Devil’s in the Details – Ancient Walls, Carvings, Symbols and even Tic-Tac-Toe

Chichen Itza’s carvings tell stories of the once-thriving Mayan city.  Most of the carvings at Chichen Itza are now all but indistinguishable, but many are still quite vivid.  On this sunny day, highlights and shadows helped show the artistry of the Mayans who carved these images hundreds of years ago. I was struck with the sheer volume of carvings, reliefs and statues throughout this huge archeological site. Yes, the El Castillo pyramid, the Great Ball Court, and other larger structures were incredibly impressive and certainly best known, but I found when I focused  my camera closer on the surfaces of these giant structures, the city became more striking, mysterious and dare I say, “it came to life”?  Yes, it did, and now I plan to read, study and learn some more.  Fascinating!


There are several relief carvings of eagles throughout the site, and all appear to be lustily consuming human hearts. The eagle is the most powerful bird of the air and was a fitting symbol for a warrior cult.


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