Songs for the Humpbacks

Ever get that feeling of exquisitely overwhelming profound joy that just makes you cry?

It was one glorious day out of 17 during our Alaskan trip last August, but this is a video project that needed to be done right. Single-image posts on my blog or FB just wasn’t cutting it and certainly wasn’t doing any justice for these gentle giants. Words can’t describe, and if I did try to find the words, I’d only muck it up.

These scenes of Alaska’s humpback whales took place over a matter of hours in the morning and we went back for more later that afternoon. People ask what I saw in Juneau and/or if I did any shopping. Nada. Strictly nature and wildlife on this day (well, everyday really). The captains and crew on the boat were just as surprised and amazed as their passengers regarding the perfection of the day – the fact we could see the snow-capped mountain tops and glaciers – unheard of, indeed a rarity. A blue sky with little or no clouds – never. Seeing several pods of humpbacks in one location – a major coup. And witnessing their bubble-net feeding – priceless!!!  The stars were lined up, and everyone on board sopped up, sucked in, and milked every second. Oh yes I did cry on more than one occasion.

About the music. “Save the Whales” is one of my all-time favorites; Country Joe McDonald (aka Country Joe and the Fish) came and went (not without an impact, mind you), but it’s a great sea story. While it harkens back to the past, I chose the song not for politics or what other countries might be doing (…still… ahem…) re: whaling, but I just love the song, period. I’m a Pisces and a fisherman’s wife; need I say more? For those of you who like Debussy’s “Claire de Lune”, even better. It ties in perfectly with the whales’ gracefulness and gentleness. Others may readily recognize it from the end of the Clooney/Pitt version of the movie “Oceans 11”, when they’re all grinning outside the Bellagio watching the fountain. That said, I bring you nature’s fountains!!!

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