Sansol, Spain Scenes

Los Arcos to Logrono, Spain –> 27.8 km, or 17.3 miles.  Sansol is only 6.8 km into the day; gonna be a long one, but it’s going to be mostly sunny with minimal cloud cover all the way!

Laurie out front (but only for the time being; that never lasts!), grasses and farmlands abound AGAIN, a snail’s pace, albergues and eateries provide welcome moments of rests for coffee and/or beer drinkers alike, Sansol’s center of town is nothing but brick sandstone, the bell tower of Iglesia San Zoilo.


Probably the one time Laurie was in front of Nancy!

Probably still a bit early for an Amstel.

Would love to be able to enjoy the Camino at a snail’s pace!

Bell tower of the parish church of San Zoilo.

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