Pier Scenes, Canada Place, Vancouver BC

In and around Canada Place which juts out into the Vancouver Harbor and Burrard Inlet – this piece of real estate is home to Vancouver’s World Trade Center, cruise ship terminal, Pan Pacific Hotel, and the Convention/Exhibition Center.

Some long shadows…  early morning sunrise…  no people…  pure joy!!  And pure logic at that!!  Within 8 hours, 1200 people will be on the ship!  Agh-gh-h-h-h!!


Standing at the end of the cruise ship terminal. That’s the Island Princess cruise ship on the left! She’ll be all ours by the end of the day!!


Seeing red – just across the street from Canada Place.


Flora and night lamps are all along the cruise ship pier.


Sails (reminds me of Denver Airport – same architect, I believe).


Plenty of places to take a load off… just sit and watch all sorts of boats in the harbor.


Overlooking distant mountains and the cargo ships’ dock.


Couldn’t figure out what this large gadget was along side the cruise terminal; turns out it raises/lowers platforms of supplies onto different levels of the ships.


End of the Canada Place cruise ship terminal.


Looking back from the street out to the Vancouver harbor.

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