Wine Fandango – Salud!!

The thing about our arrival in Logroño was that this was a “break point” on El Camino de Santiago.  We only had 17 total days to hike El Camino (impossible to cover all 500 miles).  Even though we had lodging, it would be a short stay – we’d get some sleep, but not much before heading to the train station at midnight to board a the 1am train for an 8-hour ride to Sarria (we’d be cutting out much of central Spain). And yes, we were wise – we booked a room in the sleeper car!

… anyway, my point is that it was a long, hot day’s hike, even with the final, short cab ride from Viana to Logroño.  We thoroughly enjoyed all the strolling through the Old City – the park and the streets alive with people and activity – but the true “pièce de résistance” was arriving at this spot for dinner; we we were captivated by this place and had such a fine evening at this classy joint – Wine Fandango!

So needed, so enjoyable, extremely relaxing, good wine and food, fabulous atmosphere outside, but oh my, the inside required several takes!  Always such a pleasure laughing with my friend!  Tee-Hee, and Salud indeed!


just perfect


big kegs outside.

on the outside looking in.

nice racks!

cheers, pilgrim!

… and cheers again, mi amiga!

mighty fine wine.

rich colors in this classy bar

things are looking up!

close-up of the bar

hey, bartenders!

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