The Keeper – Part 1

Where to begin. Simple. A three-year stint at Randolph Community College’s renowned Photographic Technology program. Sincere, wholehearted thanks always to Kevin Eames, Chuck Egerton, Ashley Fetner, Glenda Martin, John Rash, Greg Stewart, Bill Thompson, Irene Townsend; to Erin Arsenault, Jay Capers and Susan Shaw; to Dr. Shackleford, and my most excellent classmates in crime for what was and still is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life – a definitive, checked “bucket list” item! The memories are forever etched and I continue with fervor to look through the lens in wide-eyed wonder.

Three years ago, assignment partner, Maria Whitman, recorded this 2-minute project. As discussed in the video, not only was I overly zealous about RCC’s photography program, I also became eager to delve into retouching/restoring photos and slides (er, “transparencies”), determined to be the keeper of my family’s history. All of us took photos… lots of them. So I took a temporary detour from social media to begin a longer-than-anticipated journey through past lenses…

more to come in the next post…


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