So Much to See, So Little Time – but, Colorful!!

A recent morning back in May was spent at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.  Unfortunately, and having felt fairly ashamed to be “one of those camera tourists”, it had to be a quick run-through, so I remained on the first floor and proceeded to the Hall of the Northwest Coast Indians and the Guggenheim Hall of Minerals (minerals to follow in the next post).  This is one of those fascinating places where there’s just never enough time – I could’ve easily spent 1 day per floor!

While many of these masks were from the Hall of the Northwest Coast Indians, some were from elsewhere, but alas… keep moving, moving, moving… Of course, it was the rich colors that captured my eye!


Mask of one of the four mythical originators of Bella Coola arts and crafts

Diver Mask

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