One if by Air, Two if by Sea

A seaplane and boats of all sizes… and, a day in the life of some locals.

Digressing:  While I thought the line for this post’s title was catchy, it’s actually not correct.  The phrase was, “One if by Land, Two if by Sea” from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Paul Revere’s  Ride”.  A few days before the historic ride, Revere was preparing his mission and arranged with three fellow patriots to set up a light signal in case if British troops started their advance to Concord.  To give even more information, it was agreed that one lantern meant that the troops chose the longer land route and two lanterns meant the shorter route by water, leaving less time for patriots to react.

S’long Ketchikan.  It was sheer pleasure spending a spectacular day with you!  I shall return.

Ketch-9391_900 Ketch-9390_900 Ketch-9368_900 Ketch-9376_900 Ketch-9365_900 Ketch-9379_900 Ketch-9373_900

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