It’s Raining Cats….

Pet photography can be so much fun, and feline antics can be particularly hilarious¬†and sweet, but it brings home the reality that all of these sweethearts are in need of fur-ever homes…

SPCA-1345_2_900 BurShelter-0615_900 SPCA-1130_900 BurShelter-0711_900 RCAScat-7846_2 BurShelter-0607_900 BurShelter-0717_900 SPCA-1018_900 SPCA-1332_900 RCAS1-7837_900 BurShelter-0688_900 BurShelter-0623_900 SPCA-1123_900 SPCA-1029_900 SPCA-1293_900 SPCA-0993_900 SPCA-1328_900

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