Glacial Basins

These beautiful, rugged landscapes above Glacier Bay were shaped by the National Park’s numerous glaciers.  The glaciers’ damage has been done leaving new and amazing land formations, green life becomes abundant once again, and you can see the remnants of the glacier ice receding to the top of the mountains.

Glaciers are basically moving mountains of ice.  As they move across the Earth’s surface, they scrape against rocks and carve out basins.  Glaciers move because they either get top-heavy or they slip on their base.  Land and rock can’t move out of the path of a glacier, so they are subjected to glacial erosion, or, the carving and shaping of the land beneath a moving glacier.

  GlacierBay-0941_900 GlacierBay-0917_900 GlacierBay-0916_900 GlacierBay-0918-19_900

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