Finally! The Much-Needed Frothy Cold Ones!

Seems like forever…  After the long morning’s hike from Pamplona, through Zariquiqui, the climb up and over Alto del Perdon as the sun grew hotter, welcoming the breezes while trekking across farmers’ grasslands, our feet doubled in size (smart move to buy shoes 1 size larger), we finally reached our watering hole in Uterga, Spain.  Yeah, yeah, I know… have a little cheese with that whine, right?

Speaking of the ailing feet, occasionally we’d come across pharmaceutical vending machines. Yes, each large town actually had brick and mortar pharmacies, but placing vending machines in the smaller rural areas?  Genius!! One stop lodging, enjoying a meal, and fixing feet.

Oh, and did I forget to mention?  We like beer!  This time, this moment – bar none, the best!!

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