Chichen Itza – WARRIORS

Located in the northern part of the ancient city of Chichen Itza, northeast of El Castillo is the Temple of Warriors. Like El Castillo, the Temple of Warriors was constructed over an older temple. Today there are three thick tiers stacked on top of a thinner stone base with a temple on top. Built between 800 and 1050 AD, the three-level pyramid is so called because of the colonnade of carved warrior and gift-bearer columns on its two sides.

Located to the south of the Temple of Warriors is a series of repetitive columns of that continue southward forming the western flank of the Plaza of a Thousand Columns. There are some 200 squared columns at the base of the temple’s main stairway. Built by Toltec conquerors in 950 AD, it is believed to have been used for civic as well as religious purposes. Each side of each column has a carved depiction of a Toltec warrior.

The Market, or El Mercado stretches 76 meters long, and is a raised platform filled with square and round columns that may have supported a thatched or grass roof. It was originally named the market because the early colonists felt the design was similar to a Spanish marketplace.


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