Behm Canal

Approaching the Misty Fjords National Monument, the 108-mile Behm Canal is a natural channel that separates Revillagigedo Island from mainland Alaska.  We’re about to behold yet another scenic wonderland…  and heck!  we were on the lookout for owls, whales, sea lions, bears and other wildlife!  However, unbeknownst to us at the time 

… I have since learned that the Behm Canal is also the home to a U.S. Navy Submarine sound testing range that’s used to ensure U.S. Submarines are as quiet as they can be.  Apparently, it works!!  We never had a clue!  We could have been looking for subs as well!  Check out this 1990 news article, “Alaska Town Split Over Plan to Test Submarines” and more re: SEAFAC (Southeast Alaska Measurement Facility).  There’s also (I kid you not) this 1988 article from page 55 of the “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” re: the $50M training range on Back Island, located on one side of the canal.


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