A Major Notch in the Belt

Still a monastery, the Royal Collegiate Church of Roncesvalles was built in the French gothic style in imitation of Nôtre Dame in Paris, and currently also serves as an albergue to accommodate the perpetual stream of El Camino pilgrims.  (click here for a comprehensive history)

It was only somewhat unfortunate that after the long hike and late arrival in Roncesvalles, there was no time to enjoy a tour within this historical landmark. I emphasize “only somewhat”, because frankly, we were extremely overjoyed to have literally made the hurdle over the Pyrenees!!

After checking into our hostel just around the corner, taking the packs off and freshening up, along with fellow hikers from the trail (as well as some we met back in St Jean), we gathered around huge round tables, enjoyed endless bottles of delicious Spanish wine, and a huge and hearty, warm meal. SALUD!!  In local Basque – TOPA!!


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