Magical Moment Along the Trail

Once in awhile, the sprawling outdoors and nature become too quiet. In the high plains of the Navarra region of Spain, we rarely heard birds singing, and the farm animals were busy eating hay on the farms, grazing in the grass, or sleeping in the fields. Mostly, any noise was made by the hiking poles clicking on the trail, feet shuffling gravel and dust, and talking with each other… or not.

And… once in awhile, magic happens, a brief period in time, a wink and a smile, and music to our ears.

Along the trail, between the villages of Ayequi and Villamayor de Monjardin, this couple had just set up their 2 chairs, opened their music cases and began to play – truly a lilting, extraordinary moment. It’s likely they often appeared in this small shady area; it’s surrounded for miles by the dry plains and hot sun; of course, it would be a stop pilgrims desperately needed. Many seized this precious time to remove the backpacks, sit down, take the shoes off to air the feet, and/or guzzle water and a enjoy a snack or fruit.

Look at her! She’s beaming! One of those times likely not to repeat itself!


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