Pink, in Honor of these Climbers!

Another reason to take creative liberties with my images…

This past July, Haines residents Jenn Walsh and Jessica Kayser Forster are likely first women to climb Cathedral Peaks in the Chilkat Valley, also known as Cathedral Peaks (aka Mount Emmerich).  Local climbers say fewer than ten ascents of Emmerich have happened since the first one in 1976, and Forster and Walsh are thought to be the only women to complete the climb!

Seldom known as Mount Emmerich,  this mountain range (elev 6400 feet) is often locally referred to as “The Cathedrals” or “Cathedral Peaks”.  Mount Emmerich received its name from the U.S. Geological Survey in 1987, however, the local name is Cathedral Peak because of the mountain’s prominence and cathedral-like appearance.


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