Palas to Arzua

Only 3 more days of hiking before our long-awaited, much-anticipated, final arrival in Santiago, Spain.  This leg, from Palas de Rei to Arzua would be another killer at 28.5 km, or approximately 18 miles, another very long stretch.  As I had done on the previous day’s trek, I knew I’d have to rest my foot on this day as well – the objective being I would absolutely NOT cut out on the final 2 days of hiking.

That said, this morning, heading out of Palas amid medieval religious statues, it wasn’t long before we stopped for a few minutes to chat with the owner of an albergue in the small village of San Xulian do Camino.


Old silos, or hórreos, used to store corn for fodder. By design, these roofed and slatted structures kept out moisture and rats.

A statue of what appears to be two pilgrims throwing up their arms to embrace one another.

You just never know who you’ll meet up with, even in a very small village along the Camino. The manager of a local bar/albergue, with his Harley Davidson t-shirt, “born to raise hell”. AND, more importantly, he was the one who explained to us what “hórreos” were!

A cross in the center of the village square.


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