Off Duty

Yay! Some time this evening to enjoy the some activities in Puente de la Reina (aka “Bridge of the Queen”). Showered the dust off, gussied up a bit and put the flip-flops on, attended a church service (**), strolled around cobblestoned streets before dinner, exited the ancient gate to view a late sunset from the bridge, located a nice little outdoor cafe to sit with my friend and relax with good food and wine. Topping it off, without even having to leave our seats no less, we were entertained by some fun street musicians while glancing up occasionally at the wrought iron residential balconies above. Such a warm, sociable, delightful evening. As the night grew dark and cool however, the street back to the hotel was eerily-lit! A wee bit creepy!

(**) We were very fortunate to attend this mass – a great spot for a moment of silence to absorb some of what the El Camino is all about. Of Moorish influence, the Iglesia de Santiago (5 images throughout below) shows off it’s immense bell tower, but it’s not to be outdone by its monumental doorway with sculptures of biblical tales worn away with time. Inside the church a large baroque altarpiece, composed of a main body of three sections of sculptures of Santiago, San Sebastián and San Roque.

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