More from Glacier Bay – #6, Johns Hopkins Glacier

Majestic!!  Named after the famous university in Baltimore, this glacier’s variations of rock, debris lines, ice and snow have produced impressive lines, curves and colors such as black, blue and white.  As we entered Johns Hopkins Inlet from Glacier Bay, we could see the crevasses and seracs (a new term: a block or column of glacial ice, often formed by intersecting crevasses on a glacier. Commonly house-sized or larger, they are dangerous to mountaineers since they may topple with little warning).  Also impressive – it’s about a mile wide, is 12 miles long, and, unlike many other glaciers, it’s still advancing!!  Yay!!  There is a God!!

Mount Orville, at 10,495 feet, serves as a stunning and colorful backdrop to Johns Hopkins Glacier and Inlet.  And, once again, a toy boat provides size and scale.  The ice wall is 250′ high, as is the depth below.

GlacierBay-0937_900 GlacierBay-0930_900 GlacierBay-0938_900 GlacierBay-0929_900 GlacierBay-0942_900 GlacierBay-0927_900      

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