Mendenhall Glacier

Where the capital city of Juneau ends, the Juneau Icefield begins (5th largest ice field in the northern hemisphere), and keeps on going and going. Because of its easy access, the centerpiece is the visually gripping Mendenhall Glacier – such absolute raw beauty, and a feeling of solitude was felt even among the many tourists – we could find locations to sit, stand, stare in wide wonder and never leave.

The gigantic glacier, which is 13 miles from start to finish, gives rise to jagged edges and razor sharp points, glowing blue with an endless supply the ruggedness that surrounds it. It’s nestled inside the Tongass National Forest which is the largest national forest in the United States.

Although receding, Mendenhall Glacier’s face alone spans about half a mile, rising 100 feet from the waterline. The end of the glacier gives way to the iceberg-littered lake called Mendenhall Lake.

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