Leaving the Most Popular Camino Starting Point

A foggy, misty morning, and yet we COULD see the forest through the trees!  Very large, thick, old oaks and lush green everywhere (as always).

Sarria is the most popular overnight stop for many pilgrims who hike any given stretch of the 500+ miles of El Camino de Santiago.  However, what’s imperative for those who plan to obtain the official Pilgrim’s Compostela, (certificate) of distance or completion (more on that later), one must, at the very least, begin their journey from Sarria, only 100 kms to Santiago.  Needless to say, we were among many more who hit the trail on this morning.

You might ask, what’s with the above-ground brick buildings?  A hórreo is a typical granary mainly seen in Galicia in the Northwest of Spain and/or Northern Portugal. Built with wood or stone, they’re raised from the ground by pillars ending in flat staddle stones to support the base and to prevent access by rodents. Ventilation is allowed by the slits in its walls.

Shortly thereafter, we met a couple from Winston-Salem, NC, only 20 miles away from home; indeed, a small world!  And, we stopped to say hello to a horse, who struck a perfect pose!  

There is no scientific reason that cows lay down because of, or in, the rain

Rectangular-shaped hórreo.

Side view of the hórreo.

Fellow pilgrims, and fellow North Carolinians.

Horsing around.

Handsome beauty.


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