Lavacolla, Spain

I, and I suspect my friend, Nancy, as well as many visitors to the churches and cemeteries of El Camino de Santiago, had opportunities for comtemplation along the journey, regardless of the reason, religious or not. By no means were these religious structures what we saw most, nor did we stop at most of them them, but sometimes these places become small and endearing milestones of the Camino.

Still roaming though the Galician province, we entered Lavacolla, attracted to the village’s main mid 19th Century Parrish, the Iglesia de San Pelayo (aka Parroquia y Cementerio de San Paio de Sabugueira), where one of its sides is occupied by a high-entry cemetery, and other small ramps and short stairs surround other sections of the cemetery.  

The cemetery is mostly composed of clusters of niches, all of them have the same aesthetic line of order: supporting columns aligned with crosses. The heavy slabs of stone or granite indicated the names of those who dwell there.


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