Love is All You Need

A Christmas gift to my Mom and siblings actually began over 3 years ago, but at the time, I hadn’t a clue as to what I’d do with Mom and Dad’s “year-in-the-life” letters from 1950/51.  For Dad’s memorial service in 2016, I had simply grabbed some one-liners which were used in a video tribute of his life, but, at best, the letters were quickly and very-roughly scanned at that time.

Cut to fall 2018 – wanting to do more with the scans, I dug in once again.  Every scan was further edited; pages that had been scanned together were separated and rotated, as well as using Photoshop tools/adjustments to sharpen them up, followed by setting up a chronological naming convention to prep them for print.

With assistance and advice from my sister and the team at RAM Offset Lithographers, the book became a reality.

All 5 of us now hold a copy of the over 400 pages of those letters.  With velvety covers, it’s an 8.5 x 11 chunk of a book (it had to be easy to read for Mom). No, it can’t easily be held or read at bedtime, but at our leisure, we can start at the beginning when dad joined the Marines (on his birthday, no less!), or we can jump in anywhere and read a new revelation.  At the very least and after all these years, in addition to what we’ve known all our lives anyway, we’ll have an even deeper insight into such a grand and beautiful love story.


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