Isla Mujeres – Part 3 – The Colors of Isla

Lush colors everywhere we turned!  I’ve often read and heard how bright beautiful colors affect us, so you can imagine our week-long, perpetual grins!


wall mural

Settling down inside the place that had the sign out front that read, “Beer so cold it’ll hurt your teeth”!!

Tulum floral overlooking swimmers in the sea

Ferns so big… how big were they?

a happy-face section of a larger wall mural

clumps of bright red berries, or some type of unknown nut or fruit

A vendor’s wood carving depicting the sports arena during ancient Mayan civilization

snorkeling; the waterproof camera’s “zoom”/magnifying attachment lent to the rainbow-ish colors seen here.

wall mural – The Joker?

stunning restaurant door

into the wild blue yonder of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

outdoor wall hanging complete w/ nightlife Christmas lights

fern starburst

Lots of great shops carrying all sizes and shapes of kitchenware and knick-knacks

wall mural (closer)

snorkeling among these bright red, ruby beauties

“I’d like to be under the sea… In an octopus’ garden in the shade… He’d let us in, knows where we’ve been… In his octopus’ garden in the shade.” Beatles

Punta Sur peninsula looking out to Cancun

another restaurant’s welcome mascot

an ominous “hands up!”

Isla Mujeres is in the good hands of Ixchel, Mayan goddess

orange bouquet

enough said!

party animals

wall mural

cactus about ready to bloom

eye of the leopard

a rainbow of cocktails

fern starburst #2; over an arm’s length!

a mural literally under construction


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