Isla Mujeres – Part 1 – Perfect Combo

Birthday cheer, some best pals, and revitalizing an old memory!

Isla Mujeres – the “Island of the Women”.  Just off the coast of Cancun, the island is only 4.3 miles long x 2,130 ft wide, and for such a small area, a lot goes on here.  Last month, a couple of my Colorado pals and I swapped skiing to return here after 37 years – this time with a few extra pesos (pretty broke in our 20’s!) – enough to ferry back and forth to the Yucatan Peninsula to visit several ruins, swim in cenotes, take in other local culture, enjoy perfect weather with cervezas in hand, but mostly enjoy the island as much as we did once before.

… more to come in subsequent posts re: island adventures, historical locations, amazing colors and fun facts…  for now though, I’ve rounded up some muy bonita mujeres!!



Settled in, time to commence!


OMG, it’s Laurie’s birthday!!


Canal drifting in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve


“La mujer nativa con su incomparable belleza esta impregnada de brisa marina con aire hacia las estrellas.” – The native woman with her incomparable beauty is impregnated with sea breeze.


A stroke of good luck – the weekend of the Isla Mujeres CARNIVAL!!


Lisa, meet Randi; Randi, meet Lisa!


Pick a color… any color!!


Las Tres Amigos!!


STILL drifting…


one of the sculptures at the Punta Sur Temple and Sculpture Garden

local artwork


at Punta Sur, the south end of the island


A great little, colorful, busy town; unfortunately too short – a brief photo op after visiting the church behind us. Must get back here tho!


not sure, so had to take another look.


but, of course!!


one of many colorful murals throughout the island


Ixchel, Maya goddess of the moon and fertility

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