Adios Portomarín

Leaving Portomarin, Spain, for Palas de Rei, a journey of 24.8 km (15.4 miles). The rains from the previous night moved on, leaving us with a misty morning departure.  (Due to my severely blistered right foot, I held on as long as I could, but knew I would not make the entire hike.)  The next series of posts took us through Gonzar, Castromaior, Ligonde, A Brea, to name a few.

Iglesia de San Nicolás

Just across the street from the church, is the municipal building.

An old, rustic home with chunk wooden doors and window; the combination of the blue and rusty brown caught my eye.

Flower baskets everywhere; the birds on the wall are a nice touch as well.

Ornate garden and balcony

The Belesar Reservoir

Fishing on the misty Rio Miño.

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