Forsythia Bloom

Yay!!  A plant that is very easy to prune, root and transplant.  Will do so tomorrow, and perhaps by next year, we’ll have a hedgerow!

Forsythia bushes are easy to grow.  Begin by taking cuttings selected from new growth.  Cut a three to six inch branch, and place the end into moist soil. Keep the soil moist to aid rooting which should only take a few weeks.  Transplant rooted cuttings anytime.  However, transplanting established plants is best done in winter while the plants are dormant.

Once the plants are established, they require little, or no care.  Grow the plants in full sun to partial shade.  They’ll grow well in moist soil that is well drained.

Water plants during extended dry periods as needed.  Fertilize plants once a year in early spring.  Use a high phosphorous fertilizer to promote bright blooms.


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