Estella to Los Arcos, Spain – 21.5 km

Moderate hills, comfortable dirt paths; this day’s trek took us through woods, vineyards, areas without shade and hot sun, but throughout the morning and in the distance, our view for quite some time was the white cliffs of the Sierra de Lóquiz.

The Sierra de Lóquiz is a mountain located west of Navarra, in the Estella district. It runs from east to west, and separates the Amescoa valley, to the north, from the Berrueza valley, to the south with an area of ​​140 km. 

Further research revealed that Lóquiz is one of the least known mountain ranges; its charms are typical of the Natural Parks: rocky crests of high altitude, ravines, impressive forests and a varied fauna, that make it pure wild nature.

Will have to table that adventure for another day!

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