Casa Rural Txantxorena

One of the finest, unique, and exquisite overnight stays ever experienced!

Located in Zubiri, Spain, the Casa Rural Txantxorena is a 17th century house, typical of the mountains in Navarra.  A 3-story building from the late 1600s, Amaia, the 3rd generation of owners, put much effort into keeping the integrity of the rich original structure – floor, walls, as well as some of the furniture. In 2016, she rehabilitated and upgraded the building and added current day necessities, but still in keeping with their origins, it kept the elegance of the noble rural architecture. Clearly, it was a labor of love.

Having arrived after a long walk from Roncesvalles, we were amazed at what a lovely home this was. Oak and stone are predominant. On the main floor which originally stabled the farm animals, we had our spacious room with a private bath! A most excellent surprise awaited us after settling in – a jacuzzi room!  Wheeeeeee!!  Those who’ve been following this blog can understand why we literally melted in here for about an hour; it was heaven on earth! A future stay for a lengthier period of time is not out of the question.


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