Butchart Gardens’ Version of a Fireworks Display

 Factoids re: Butchart Gardens:

** Robert Pim Butchart was a pioneer in the cement industry. In 1904, he developed a quarry and built a cement plant. His wife, Jennie Butchart became the company’s chemist. Near the quarry, the Butcharts established the family home.

** Over time, as the quarry’s resources dwindled, Jennie began on the garden. Tons of top soil was brought in by horse and cart and used to line the floor of the abandoned quarry. Little by little, the quarry blossomed into the spectacular Sunken Garden. From 1906 – 1929, they created a Japanese Garden on the seaside, an Italian Garden on their former tennis court, and a Rose Garden.

** Ian Ross, their grandson, was given The Gardens on his 21st birthday. For 50 years he remained involved in its operation and development. In summer months, he added outdoor symphony concerts (1953-1967); a variety stage show (1961); and the Ross Fountain (1964) for The Gardens’ 60th anniversary. He initiated The Magic of Christmas in 1987. Ian died in 1997.

** Late in 2009,Robin-Lee Clarke, great granddaughter of Jennie Butchart and current owner, added a Children’s Pavilion complete with a large Menagerie Carousel.

Enjoy the show!!

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