Buen Camino!!

Getting pretty hot and dry and thirsty, but the trail never disappoints…  well no, I digress for a moment…  once in awhile we’d come upon a water fountain where the water was contaminated.  The signs might be noted with a skull and crossbones or the red line drawn though a water bottle, or the words, “aqua contaminada”, but this one location had water bottles half-filled with a hazy shade of gray and a simple note. Duly noted!

We have passed through quaint, rustic, medieval villages and cities, and walked by endless farms, grasslands, fields of grain, vineyards, and stopped to capture even the most minute details, and we are still surprised by each different sight and scene around every corner, up and down the rolling hills, or next to far away roads…

A grasshopper’s greeting, farmlands as far as the eyes can see, tainted water, vineyards, poppies (again), white asparagus crops, some empty ruins and fellow pilgrims…  

Being welcomed by a grasshopper.

We can see for miles and miles past a healthy vineyard.

Yet another vineyard; too bad no nearby wine tasting!

Lone tree

concentrating on the overall composition

don’t drink here!

crops and poppies

wondering why the cover-up!

still not getting it…

farmlands as far as the eye can see

at the top of whatever this is

Aha!! Asparagus is covered to keep it white!

some kind of pine tree with round cones?

fellow pilgrims and great camaraderie

empty ruins

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