North Carolina Zoo Captures #8

“They say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is you never forget an elephant.” – Bill Murray

“Only elephants should own ivory.” – Yao Ming

African elephants at the NC Zoo.  READ MORE about the Zoo’s long-term commitment to elephant conservation.  Of note – elephants are typically gray.  That said, the only conclusion I can come to re: this series of images is they all hit the watering hole earlier in the day; all are mud-crusted!!  I should have arrived earlier!  The spectacle of them rolling around spraying water everywhere would’ve been pure joy!


Social Distancing Not Required!

Hence, by all means, proceed with squawking, nudging, loving, flirting, sitting close together, or striking a pose for the photographer!!

FACTOIDS:  *Flamingos are the most instantly recognizable wading birds in the world.  *They are popular guests in many zoos (here at the North Carolina Zoo), aviaries, aquariums, marine parks, and botanical gardens.  *The word “flamingo” comes from the Spanish and Latin word “flamenco” which means fire. *When flying in a flock, the top speed of a flamingo can be as high as 35 miles per hour.  *Flamingos hold their bent bills upside down while feeding, often for several hours a day, so they can filter out their food while skimming the water.  *Flamingos are monogamous birds that lay only a single egg each year. *Flamingo chicks are born gray or white and take up to three years to reach their mature pink, orange, or red plumage.