Back in Time – Vancouver BC

Last month, exactly 3 years to the week, I returned with a friend to Vancouver, British Columbia, to depart on another Alaska cruise.  Utterly amazing and uncanny, was the fact that during the entire 10 days in the city and on the cruise (added 2 days’s stay in VBC  because my sis, Mom & I regretted not staying longer in 2014), the sunny blue skies occurred each and every day.  Inquire anywhere in the area on the journey and you learn quickly this is unheard of!!

In Vancouver, we hit some of the same eateries, took in the same sights looking at the harbor filled with tankers, ferries, sailboats and seaplanes, but also strolled through new streets and tasted new food.  Some new architectural images – old vs. new, glass vs. brick, tall vs. short:


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