Arzúa to A Rúa, Spain

Only two more days of hiking, this leg being the second to last of our journey on El Camino de Santiago – 17.5 km, or about 11 miles.  Thankfully, it would be a shorter and easier day, my foot was mending, and I was able to hold up for the entire hike.

This was a relatively flat leg (there is a God!!) traveling through many very small Galician hamlets – Pregontoño, A Calzada, Outeiro, Salceda, A Brea, then A Rúa.  After a small breakfast and a couple of lattes, in addition to passing the now-typical farms and barns, hórreos, pilgrim shelters and medieval homes, we also struck out on dirt trails that lead to lots of darkly wooded forests – slightly haunting!


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