Valentine’s Day Cover

What do Christmas and Valentine’s Day have in common?  The color RED.  Back in November, I wrapped up the cover and related-story photo shoots for both the December and February issues of Triad Happy Tails magazine.  At that time, several owners entered the “Pet Cover Model” contest by sharing their pets’ “sad to glad” success stories.  Ultimately, two winners were chosen by the magazine staff.  This month, you can find Stevie’s story on pages 8 and 12.

In addition to that story, I took the photos for the Camp Bow Wow story on page 44. Finally, to Greensboro area dog owners, check out my dog walking ad on page 37.

FebDog-5534_900 FebDog-5522_900 FebDog-5574_900

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  1. Avatar Wayne says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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