My Bio

Laurie_color Welcome to Laurie Merritt Photography! And, where can I take you today? I count myself as one among the masses whose thrill of taking photographs began as a child, the camera became an ever-present appendage. The corporate business world with a background in Finance and Human Resources is now a blur, the framed BS Degree removed from the office wall. Enter Randolph Community College, where I earned an Associate’s Degree of Applied Sciences from their renowned Photographic Technology program. Bar none – it was one of the most intense, pivotal, gratifying, worth-every-penny, game-changer experiences I’d had in a long time. Two back-to-back internships at Etherington Conservation Services led to a full-time position with them as an Assistant Technician and Digital Photo Retoucher. Two years later, I started a second small business which also kept my photography intact. Toward the end of 2016, I was offered a position as a Photography Instructor at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “What goes around comes around”, meaning that it’s an honor to take what’s in my treasure trove of lessons learned from my instructors at RCC and pass on as much as I can to other photo enthusiasts. I love this medium!! I enjoy the new and extraordinary within familiar and unfamiliar worlds, to find beauty and grace in the sometimes ugly and scary, to continually broaden and improve my skill sets, think creatively and stay tuned in to my once sleepy but reawakened right brain, and above all – learn! Observation, composition, lighting, capturing stunning, simple pleasures, stumbling upon unexpected treasures… Photo retouching and/or scanning and retouching film or slides have fast become another source of creativity and enjoyment; yet it remains difficult to part with my camera equipment. Put simply, I love what I do. Interests: this land of ours, enormous vistas and minute details, reading, music, hiking, nature, animals and creatures, travel, the great outdoors, photo restoration, scanning and retouching film/slides… and, as you’ll readily notice, avoiding fitting into a particular niche in the world of photography! Images posted on this blog / site are created, produced and copyrighted by me and are available as prints or license for personal use or commercial use. Regarding prints, photo restoration or retouching, contact: Laurie Merritt Photography 336-681-6019