A Welcome Respite in Sarria

Yay!  A day off from hiking = no hiking boots required, and again, another gorgeous day!  We took separate adventures through town – Nancy left the hotel earlier while I began my stay by first nursing my right foot – flip-flops were such a blessing even though I gingerly paced myself while walking up and down some of the steeper hills of the fabulously scenic Old Town.

Sarria is the 2nd largest city in the Galicia region (Santiago de Compostela being #1), and it now holds the record for the most albergues in one town – this is likely because the distance from Sarria to Santiago is 100km, the minimum point required to be eligible to receive the coveted Compostela (the official “certificate of completion”) once pilgrims arrive in Santiago.  As much as I’d like to call that cheating, and while we certainly covered more territory than that, who was I to think like that after we had just hopped a train through the middle of the country?


Rio Sarria – riverfront activity, strings of restaurants and shops. Note the yellow arrow of the Camino trail.

Icon of the Camino -wrought iron fence of scallop shells lines the Rio Sarria

downtown view of the Church of Santa Marina

Unique and interesting metal sculptures next to the coat of arms and statue.

A large, intricate mosaic tile structure of Sarria’s coat of arms.

An overall view of Sarria.

Iglesia de Santa Marina.

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