A Back Yard, Jagged Peaks, Seals on a Buoy, Red Sail, Truly Snow-Capped, Mordor and Purple Mountain Majesties

(I believe this is the longest post title I’ve ever used!!)

Mid morning into late afternoon (and well into the night), we traveled through the Revillagigedo Channel, Clarence Strait, Sumner Strait, Chatham Strait, Frederick Sound and Stephen’s Passage.  For only one brief moment, upon entering Chatham Strait at Cape Decision, I’m not certain, but we may have actually connected with the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean.  I guess what I’m saying is I thought that when I took these photos we WERE in the Pacific!

STATS: Chatham Strait stretches over 150 miles in length and is 10 miles wide in places; Sumner Strait – 80 miles long and also 10 miles wide; Frederick Sound – one of the many places popular for whale watching.  All of these waterways and passages wind around the Alexander Archipelago, a group of about 1100 islands (actually the tops of a submerged section of the Coast Ranges) over a 300-mile area.  We are so small…


Is that Ketchikan smog way back there??

A crystal clear glass on a crystal clear day. I assure you, it was filled right after the shot was made!! This stern balcony location at the end of our hallway was dubbed “our backyard”. Not many passengers ventured here, so we left it at that. Ya snooze, ya lose!!


The peaks become more jagged.


Closer inspection.


Pinpoints in the distance.


A small population perhaps.


A buoy. If you look closely, you’ll see what might be sea lions at the base!


Love the stark contrast of the deep red sail in the midst of all the blue. (Does this remind anyone of an eye exam?)


Finally – nothing but pure white!


Now THIS is a snow-capped mountain!


Farther north, later in the afternoon, going from jagged to knife-like!


A passer-by.


For you “Lord of the Rings” fans, Sauron’s ‘Mordor’.


Purple Mountain Majesties – 1


Purple Mountain Majesties – 2


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