13-Minute Fire

On the way home after a day of skiing, a friend and I were driving back to the cabin.  She and I had been listening to some great (I mean GREAT!!) music (Denver radio station, KBCO, has put out 27 years of their long-famous “Studio C”  CD’s)…

sorry, got off track… moving right along… and we were laughing and remininiscing about how beautiful and fun our day was, how fabulous it was to have 11 of us reunited, and catching up on our lives.

All the while though, we kept our eyes on the setting sun which was in the midst of creating some of it’s own magic with amazing scenes along the way.  As we turned off CO Route 36 and onto the state road leading to the cabin, over the next 6 miles and within 13 minutes, we captured this most amazing fire in the sky, AND what looked to be a fire on the mountain as well.  Only time and motion could put this one out!

Hope you enjoy this ride as much as we did!!!!!

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